Employee Spotlight: Nora, Software Engineer

Meet Noratikah Mohd Amin, the Software Engineer in Hatio!

What do you do at Hatio?

I am the Software Engineer and I am in charge of fixing high prioritised customers’ issues.

What did you do before Hatio?

I was a student doing my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT).

Why did you choose Hatio?

The casual working environment is something that is unique in Hatio and this is one of the reasons I chose to work here.

What do you like most about your job?

Not only was I learning more about designing SQL queries for databases, but my coworkers were very transparent, teaching me on how to handle customer expectations.

What has Hatio changed since you joined?

Collaboration between Sellercraft and Hatio happened.

What excites you the most about the year ahead?

I am hoping to have improvements in my career development by gaining new skill sets and qualifications.

What department do you collaborate with? What is that like? 

Before this, I am under customer support and my work is heavily related to customers. For now, I am collaborating with the CX Team and I focus more on fixing technical issues that require coding solutions.

What cross-functional projects have you been involved in? 

I collect features requirements from the Product Team to enhance features in Operato.

What’s your favourite part about the Hatio culture?

The culture that celebrates everyone’s birthday and there will be activities organised to improve teamwork is my favourite part of Hatio’s culture.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? 

Food hunting is what I do during my free time and I enjoy doing it very much!