Is Digitisation of the Supply Chain a Big Deal?

With the introduction of new supply chain technology, the process of logistics and supply chain management is being digitally transformed. It’s critical for eCommerce companies to keep up with the fast digitisation of the supply chain landscape in order to remain competitive. Supply chain digitisation is the topic of this essay, and we’ll look at how it might benefit eCommerce companies.

What is supply chain digitisation?

“The opportunity here was that they’re now at a point they know they need to get to the next level through digital.”

Bernard Hor, CEO of Hatio

It is the process of replacing manual or analogue operations in the ecommerce supply chain with digital ones. Implementing cutting-edge digital solutions throughout the supply chain helps to optimise processes, enhance managerial capabilities, and raise overall visibility.

How does supply chain digitisation take place?

Supply chain digitisation refers to the process of integrating digital technologies into various supply chain processes. Efforts to improve the supply chain have resulted in a “supply chain 4.0” that is more rapid, precise, efficient, and flexible. Data management, process linkages, and the use of digital tools in physical process execution common aspects of supply chain digitisation.

  • Data management in the digital era

In order to capture enormous amounts of data in a timely and accurate manner, supply chain management technologies are developed. Orders placed on an online store are automatically received by inventory management software, which processes them for fulfilment, updates stock levels, and calculates inventory counts in real time. Sales records and customer data are also analysed to optimise procedures like demand forecasting and distribution.

  • Improved workflow integration

First-mile delivery monitoring and shipping orders can be tracked using a variety of supply chain technology that is designed to work together. Supply chain transparency and coordination improve as a result of increased process integration.

Benefits of supply chain digitisation

Digitalisation has the potential to improve supply chain execution and planning, leading to a range of benefits…

  • Increasing the synergy between logistical partners

Migrating to a more digitised supply chain might help improve your business’ synergy with your logistics partner. It’s easier to work together with your transportation logistics partners when your supply chain system is more connected and provides for greater data accessibility.

As a result of adopting digitisation into your operations, you can work more closely with your service provider. You may plan routes, schedule deliveries, and uncover more cost-effective logistical procedures.

  • Reduce waiting times

There is no way to overstate the significance of time in logistics. As previously indicated, collaborating with carriers who can calculate routes is one method to obtain an optimal delivery timetable. At every stage of the supply chain, you may enhance your efficiency and cut waiting times thanks to supply chain digitisation.

Reduce the time it takes to obtain raw materials, manufacture them, and then deliver the finished products to their final destinations by using a supply chain management software. Customer satisfaction levels would be maintained, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

  • Avoid supply chain hiccups

Your logistics company’s supply chain will benefit from more cost-effective options and more flexibility as a result of digitisation. You’d be able to prevent having too many or too few things in your inventory, or the other way around.

Having too many products in your warehouse might lead to waste and the need to dispose of items that have reached the end of their useful life. Depending on how perishable some things are, they may no longer be suitable for use. On the other side, a lack of inventory would prompt you to seek out more costly methods to speed up delivery.

You may prevent your organisation from ever running out of a certain commodity by digitising multiple layers of your supply chain. Other benefits include avoiding over-purchasing a product, which can result in steep discounts on your invoices.

You can coordinate, grow, and optimise your supply chain with the ease, speed, and flexibility of the cloud by converging all of the digital and physical tools you need to do so. We’re here to help you make the most of your supply chain by making it infinitely flexible and perfectly optimised.