Cloud-based WMS provider- 3 key things you should look into.

What should you look for when choosing a Cloud-based WMS provider?

In our previous discussion, we talked about how migrating your warehouse management to the cloud has a host of benefits and it’s the new way to do (online) business. In this discussion, we are essentially still on the same topic, but this time, we talk about how to choose the right system or the right provider of the technology for you.

cloud supply chain

The Future of Warehouse Management.  

How do we “future-proof” our investment into technology?

For starters, you need to choose one which is robust, decidedly next-generation and a warehouse solution that comes at an outstanding value. A great supply chain management that’s functional should have innovative features, ready mobile solutions and most of all – a user-friendly interface.

The new technology needs to be able to seamlessly streamline and automate the inventory fulfilment processes an at the same time have a good grip on costs.

This system should be dynamic and easily configurable and versatile enough to leverage the cloud and take advantage of speed, cost-effectiveness and easy implementation.

Efficient running of operations

In any business, efficiency is a crucial trait we should aim for. When your warehouse management system (WMS) is in the cloud, you have real-time visibility throughout your supply chain and you have full view of your inventory and operations. This technology in fact puts you on par with how your customers engage in purchasing and more.

Pay overall lower costs

We’ve touched on how potentially more costly it is to be running with on-premise software. The system is fraught with inefficiencies such as needing upgrades every 5 years or so which almost certainly involves an “overhaul” of the technology (and hardware) where costs can spiral. Apart from that, there are ongoing costs of maintaining the system while paying for the services of a consultant or technician and so on.

But with a cloud-based warehouse management system – it all changes. There’s no fear of having to pay for the aforementioned maintenance and upgrading costs.

Better experience for customers (Read “happy customers”)

We also touched on how speed is (almost) the single most important factor for retaining customers in the online business. So, faster fulfilment times means the customer will receive their purchases quicker – and we know that will certainly make for a happy customer. On top of that, customers can make purchases from anywhere at any time. When you were struggling to cope before, now with the cloud-based system, you are able to ably meet the demands that the market dictates.

Technological advancements have certainly changed the landscape of online businesses drastically. This holds true for both sides of the eCommerce divide – the customer and the fulfilment provider.

The customer has never been happier with the mind-boggling range of goods & services that is available online – and the speed at which these purchases can be delivered to their chosen destinations; without stressing out their budgets. The fulfilment provider on the other hand can keep the customer happy with speedy, accurate, deliveries whilst constantly expanding their sales and customer base.