Helping local SMEs Digitize

We are redefining warehousing and fulfilment in Southeast Asia with an affordable, flexible & fully-scalable Cloud technology.

It's what they deserve. That's what they'll get.

That's a Promise. Cloud Supply Chain Platform For Warehousing And Fulfilment

It's not about a software, we're about the Experience of Absolute Efficiency

We're on a mission to empower SMEs rise up in an ever-competitive supply chain & logistics space in Southeast Asia.

Powered with our cutting-edge Cloud technology, we're here to help businesses experience renewed convenience & efficiency.

As a Company, we focus on building meaningful Relationships

Relationship Matters 
Building human connections, establishing Trust, matters – more than anything else.

Transparency & Candor 
We believe in openness where our people feels comfortable speaking up and taking thought leadership.

Empowerment  Accountability
Being accountable opens up opportunities both in business and relationships.

Take Ownership 
The first step to great results is, to own it.

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn
Everyday we learn that when we willingly unlearn, there is an opportunity to relearn.

Empathy First 
Listen, be kind and show respect.

We're looking for world-class talent to join our Regional team

Hatio is growing at an astonishing pace, and has team members across the region. If you'd like to be part of our journey in digitising Southeast Asia, we'd like to hear from you. Cloud Supply Chain Platform For Warehousing And Fulfilment